Posted on by Alex Lam

We sit down with Vinyl of the Day (#VOTD) founder Kurt Loy on what makes his world spin. 

What started as a hobby has now fueled his vision and made his dream a reality – Kurt, founder of Vinyl of the Day, speaks to us about his passion for music and vinyl, and how Converse fits into his world view.

What are you up to these days?


Still running #vinyloftheday – what we initially started off on social has now also evolved into a mobile, marketplace app. Am also a Programme Producer at #SGCR (

Why did you start #vinyloftheday?


Because I felt that the experience for vinyl collectors at record stores, social networks and discussion forums was less than ideal. At first, it was just an online community on social media but in 2016, I decided it was the right time to create an app for collectors to have an all-in-one, on-the-go service to purchase vinyl records.

How would you describe your personal style?


Slack, street style.

When and how did you discover your first pair of Converse?


Back in my teens, when I caught one of Nirvana’s music videos and saw Kurt Cobain wearing a pair of Chuck Taylor All Stars.


Do you resonate with the Converse brand philosophy? How so?


Yep – the brand itself is authentic. You can play music, make art, skate the streets, even wear them to work. You can do anything with the shoes. So many possibilities and unlimited potential!


What’s your go-to pair of Converse sneaks?


Chuck Taylor All Stars.

5 records you can’t live without?

  • Taeko Ohnuki – Sunshower (1977)
  • Faye Wong – Random Thoughts (1994)
  • The Smashing Pumpkins – Siamese Dream (1993)
  • UNKLE – Psyence Fiction (1998)
  • The Brilliant Green – Los Angeles (2001)

What do you have left on your bucket list?

Setting up an awesome record store.