One-half of Dirty2Fresh, rapper Tai talks us through his love for streetwear, music, and travel.

Entertainers from the Lion City, Tai has dreamt of music for a long time, finally setting up his own hip-hop duo in 2008, with his friend from Polytechnic to start Dirty2Fresh.

Now having performed for #Sing50 and a constant collaborator with other musically-inclined artists, Tai stopped by to answer a few of our questions – including what Converse means to him.

What are you up to these days?

Working as a Data Analyst in Capitaland. I like most things related to music. My main genre is hip-hop and I’m a rapper. 

How would you describe your personal style?

I gravitate towards streetwear. I attempt to break the image of how a data / IT person looks like in the corporate world. I pair all my formal attire with sneakers as I am never fond of wearing leather shoes to work; I try to fuse street into my formal dress code, like pairing long/oversized cardigans with sneakers.

On other days, I'll pick up any Carhartt WIP or ILoveUgly pieces from my wardrobe. Nope, not a fan of OFF-WHITE or Anti Social Social Club. 

What do you like about Converse? Do you resonate with the Converse brand philosophy? How so?

Converse is a staple for everyone. It’s comfortable, it’s easy and it can be stylish; some of the shoes even look better with age. It’s really about being who you are, and being able to express that, which I appreciate. Converse is for everyone, and it is not overhyped, it’s easy to understand. Heh.

What do you enjoy doing during your time off? 

I make music during my time time off, spending time writing song lyrics or just checking out reality TV shows that are related to music. But these days, I’m spending more time with my 4-month-old daughter.


5 things you can’t live without? 

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Sneakers
  • Caps
  • Traveling

What’s a Converse pair you would recommend to our readers? 

I’m torn between the Chuck Taylor All-Star Classic Monochrome Black and the Yellow Chuck Taylor All-Star 70 Lows. Both of them are so dope. 


    What do you have left on your bucket list? 

    To travel more. I just finished a roadtrip in Iceland, so I’m looking forward to more trips in the future; I’m considering maybe Tibet, Bhutan or even Greenland.



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